Trovo T-Squad Characters
Trovo T-Squad Characters in Darkness
Trovo T-Squad Characters
Trovo T-Squad Character Poster Trovo T-Squad Character Poster Trovo T-Squad Character Poster

These live stream gifts of Leon and Penny were initially conceptualized for a mode known as Combat Gifting. In this mode, viewers can cast interactive gifts to support their streamers. Similar to combat games such as Street Fighters, these gifts function as combat moves, categorized into attack and defense types. They can correspondingly influence the streamers’ PK gauge.

Trovo PK Arena Live Stream Gifts

To enhance the usability of the Leon Model, I have created a library of facial expressions using Blender’s pose library feature. This library enables my colleagues to utilize the Leon Model more effectively and efficiently in their respective projects.

In this example, Leon’s facial expressions are driven by real-time face capture facilitated by the Face Cap App. Data recorded by the phone’s camera is documented in a text file, which can be utilized to modify the shape key values of Leon’s face.

Custom Rigs for T-Squad Characters

Trovo T-Squad Work in Progress
Character Leon Posing in front of Camera