Kakao Apeach Standing in a Lab
Kakao Apeach Standing in a Lab
AiPeach Main Board
AiPeach Detail Shots
AiPeach Front Shot
AiPeach Quarter Shot
Robotic Arm Detail Shot
Battery Charger Detail Shot

I named this character Crabot, which is a made-up word combining crab and robot. The general look of Crabot is fairly rounded and funny, but under the hood, the tech he uses is pretty cutting edge. He can transform between a game controller and a robot crab. His claws correspond to the controller stand. His eyes can turn into the analog sticks. His feet are the bump and trigger keys. The character is designed for a game streaming platform, and I chose to develop this idea because controllers are the most obvious representation of game-related industries. I am hoping that the character can convey the brand message to the target users in a more friendly and clearer way.

Live Stream Mascot Crabot Front Shot
Crabot Quarter Shot
Crabot on Empty Page