A Black Baby Dragon Watching a Glowing Flower

When viewers with special privileges enter chat rooms, brief animations featuring various rides and mounts will be played. These animations serve the purpose of announcing the presence of membership viewers, thereby elevating their overall experience.

St. Patrick’s Day Emojis and Squad Feature Emojis

These are streaming gifts I designed for Trovo. The platform’s most distinctive design language is the personified objects and characters, which aim to provide our users with a sense of amusement and lightheartedness.

Trovo’s membership program is known as Trovo Ace. I was responsible for designing the membership level badges and the corresponding chat room entrance effects. The initial version of the badges encompasses five levels, ranging from adventurer to emperor. Rather than employing the conventional flag or shield motif, I conceptualized the badges using the helmet motif, drawing inspiration from renowned fictional movies and games such as Dune, Star Wars, and Warhammer 40,000.

Trovo Ace Membership User Interface
Trovo Ace Level Badges from One to Five

Poseidon and Pharaoh are unique additions to the initial five badges, featuring meticulously crafted animations and embellishments that reflect my creative vision.

Below is a real-time avatar rendered in the browser using WebGL technology. This experimental feature allows users to personalize their Trovo avatars and utilize them within chat rooms. Additionally, users can integrate their avatars into real-world environments with the assistance of augmented reality (AR) technology.

This is the 2022 recap website designed for Trovo’s streamers and viewers. It presents intriguing personal milestones achieved during their year-long journey with Trovo, as derived from extensive data analysis. The overarching theme for this year’s design is the vastness of the universe and space travel.

Trovo 2022 Recap Mobile Website User Interface

A brief video production for the streamer trophy at Trovo’s inaugural anniversary celebration.

Thanks for watching. FYI, I rendered nearly all of these 3D assets in the real-time engine EEVEE. In fact, I believe it is a more cost-effective method for producing 3D visual assets for projects that require mid-range fidelity. If you are interested in learning how I used Blender’s EEVEE to enhance my workflow, I wrote an article about it. Please check it out if you want. 用Blender的实时引擎提速日常3D视觉设计 – EEVEE in Action →