Glad you stop by my corner of the web. I’m Yizhi Choi, a self-taught web and graphic designer from China currently living in Seoul. I take a keen interest in creating joyful and efficient designs with best practices. Over the past six years, I have managed to provide my clients with various design services ranging from building websites, mobile apps to making marketing designs. GET TO KNOW ME


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The website “Plan Your Trip (PYT)” attempts to offer an easier option to answer questions like “Is this tourist attraction worth visiting?” or “Can I visit all these 5 tourist attractions within one day?” for those first-time FITs to Korea. It serves as a standalone website which can also be a part of our Korea travel information website.

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More about me

I design for most of the time. I photograph at times. I watch Liverpool FC’s matches on weekends. I ice skate at spare time. And I speak Chinese Korean and English.


Quick learner

I graduated as East Asian studies major but ended up finding my passion in web and graphic design. I had been a PS & LR user because of my photography hobby before I started to do design jobs, which pushes me a step further into learning more design tools and approaches.


My first job as a professional designer started in 2012 when I joined a startup which tried to develop a Korea travel platform and helped their clients build marketing presence. As the sole designer on the team, I have had many chances of trying things in different design areas.

Team player

My latest role as a UI designer was in an industry leading cryptocurrency exchange. Different from my earlier experiences, working with a group of design colleagues that specialize in different areas makes me realize the importance of communication and team work.