3D Graphic We’ve Got Salah! EEVEE PREVIEW
3D Graphic Chubby Face Avatars Renders Accessory and Clothes Close-ups WIP Light Testing
3D Fan Art AiPeach Apeach (어피치) is one of the most popular emoticon characters in Korea. This funny pink head peach (or perhaps butt) shaped emoticon is a mutant peach that escaped from a peach tree. His creator says he is pretty rebellious and short-tempered. So I imagine maybe in the future age of cyborg,
3D Illustration Debut and First Pass on Dribbble
Web Project 1 Huobi Korea Functional MVP website designed & built with  WORDPRESS Things I tried to improve with the redesign Existing homepage Better brand impression In the cryptocurrency industry, Huobi is a big name back in its home country China. However, a lot of Korean users are not familiar with this brand. The old
GUI Proposal for Huobi Korea App Huobi Korea is a cryptocurrency exchange app designed for Korean users. This project aims to give Huobi Korea’s Android app a new look, trying to better cater to the taste of its target users.  For a data-dense app like this, to keep the information organized and clear was my
Logo Design Blocknode Communications Blocknode Communications is a newly founded Korean company that offers consultancy and marketing services related to blockchain industry. They needed a logo. My task was to visualize my client’s identity to match their expertise. The final result is a block (hexagon) shape with a capital initial “N” forming part of it. The block
A proposal for the user interface improvement of Kmong iOS app
WordPress Website Customization Portfolio Website 1.0 Visit
A proposal iOS app targeting on airport bus ticket booking and tour package product selling.
Landing Page ZEMU ZEMU Chinese Version Website ZEMU was a newly launched Korean cosmetic brand that leaned on us to design a new Chinese version website to serve the marketing strategy. The website was supposed to convey a clear first impression of ZEMU products to customers in an effective fashion. I tried the parallax scrolling
An Android shopping app targeting Korean goods consumers from China
A mobile website that guides customers through the cosmetic world
A responsive website offering first-time FITs an easier option to plan their tours beforehand.
This project is a mobile website we made for the Hyundai Department Store back in 2014. Our mission was to help our client build its online presence among Chinese customers. However, we found there was quite a waste of some SEO traffic due to the absence of a Chinese version mobile website and app. So we created this mobile website. I tried to extract the color combination from its logo and applied a set of line-shape icons to give the site a clean and matching look and feel.



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