Logo Design

Blocknode Communications

Blocknode Communications is a newly founded Korean company that offers consultancy and marketing services related to blockchain industry. They needed a logo. My task was to visualize my client’s identity to match their expertise. The final result is a block (hexagon) shape with a capital initial “N” forming part of it. The block shape represents the blockchain industry, and the initial “N” derives from the word “node” in the company name. Perspectively, the logo also resembles two square rings intersecting each other, which implies the connecting nature of the industry and the intermediary role the company is aiming to play.


In this case, I was asked to redesign the launch icon for BitK, an app that offers Korean cryptocurrency traders investment news and information. My idea was to integrate this app’s service keywords – blockchain, market, news into this one emblem. My goal was to give users a general feeling of what the app does before they actually run it.

Data Alliance for Youth Athletics

Keywords extracted from the client’s brand this time include sports, data, blockchain, youth support, etc. I have offered two options. The first one focuses on integrating as many meanings into the emblem as possible, while the second one tries to present a more dynamic shape that relates to the athletics image of the brand. 


Logo Animation




Logo Animation