Our team is required to design (or convert) a localized version of Huobi Chat for Korea traders. In order doing so, we need to find out the different user preferences and design patterns hiding behind WeChat and KakaoTalk — two IM leaders of China and Korea.

Seoul Shop is an Android app project that aims to provide Chinese customers with a simple and fast online experience that feels like shopping in authentic boutiques and shops in Korea anytime even when they are sitting on their cozy couches at home.

This app is designed to offer a handy-dandy tool to book airport bus tickets directly from the palm of passengers’ hands. At one glance, passengers should be able to check the bus schedules and book tickets. Additionally, information about hotels along the bus routes and some featured tour packages is also accessible.

The website “Plan Your Trip (PYT)” attempts to offer an easier option to answer questions like “Is this tourist attraction worth visiting?” or “Can I visit all these 5 tourist attractions within one day?” for those first-time FITs to Korea. It serves as a standalone website which can also be a part of our Korea travel information website.

There are so many beauty products in the market and which ones of them are the real good ones? Rankie is a mobile site that aims to help customers find those good products by adopting a user-centered ranking system.