Digital 3D (Real-time)

Tigress in the Woods

Here’s my latest personal project I’ve been working on recently. The goal of the project is to teach myself more about Blender’s new curve hair system, and also to practice some real-time rendering techniques in EEVEE. I was blown away by Blender Studio’s open movie “Charge” after I knew that the movie was rendered in EEVEE. The game cinematic vibe the engine has created is really impressive. So, I decided to make my next personal work in real-time, and I rendered every frame of this project in EEVEE as well, which turned out a tough but fun experience.

Short Animation



Animation Block & Spline Work in Progress

EEVEE Real-time Viewport Editing

Scene Compositing Work in Progress

Sculpting & Concepting Work in Progress

Clothes & Prop Modeling Work in Progress

Curve Hair Grooming Work in Progress

Curve Hair Physics Workaround with Cloth Simulation

Tigress Creation Work in Progress